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Shanghai Pudong Tongpai Hotel

As the first hotel of the Tongpai brand, Shanghai Pudong Tongpai Hotel creates a new concept space for those traveling on business and embarking on the cool lifestyle. Located in the heart of Pudong and neighboring Lianyang Plaza, Tongpai blends European leisure lifestyle with an industrial decor that is accented by modern elements. With spaces for communal lounges, trendy product displays, recreational activities, and co-working, it provides a flexible transition to allow guests to dine, live, play, and work seamlessly.

Shanghai Hongqiao Tongpai Hotel

In the Shanghai Hongqiao Tongpai Hotel, guests are treated to a unique business travel lifestyle that merges trends, interests and social interactions. Inspired by popular lifestyle of leisure in Europe, the design is brimming with a unique style that combines fashion, modernity, and industry while also integrating co-living and co-working spaces. As Tongpai’s flagship hotel in Shanghai, Hongqiao Tongpai is not only the premier choice among business elites, but also a new city landmark for young generations and communities to gather and socialize.

Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Tongpai Hotel

Do you want to make business travel cool and fun? If so, come check-in to Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Tongpai Hotel. Located centrally in the Future Sci-Tech City’s core business district, and inspired by popular lifestyles of leisure in Europe, the hotel is brimming with a unique style that combines fashion, modernity, and industry. As a new city landmark, Hangzhou Tongpai Hotel provides a distinctive and personalized travel experience for a new generation of business elites and millennials—one that merges trends, interests and social interactions.

Brand Features

One Community

Create a trendy "third space" outside home and work; gather creative minds to brainstorm and become friends and even partners; and let enjoyable community activities become a new trend in your new like-minded community.

Live Smart

Guests can cruise around our space to experience various services through their phones. For example, they can book our co-working space for their business needs, or on our WeChat mini-program platform, guests can easily find information for nearby facilities, entertainment options, and recommendations for authentic local food. Our online host and concierge provides you with services and support 24/7.

Live Green

By adopting the concept of an eco-friendly design and materials, we promote a paperless and plastic free environment for a true green and smart lifestyle.

Live Connected

Treat Tongpai Hotel as the new center of the city. Great food, trendy shopping centers, and popular landmarks are all within walking distance from the hotel. It neighbors the Exhibition Centre, CBD, and metro stations for guests to explore the city with ease.


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Tongpai Club

As a members-only club of Tongpai Hotels, the Tongpai Club meets the various needs of every guest, from the casual business professional to the cool lifestyle follower. Whether you are looking for a place to stay, unique attractions, or fun things to do, we are here to provide you with a trendy and modern lifestyle no matter what.

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